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25 June 2014 @ 10:37 am
(For Amara)

Rap Monster woke up excitedly, eager to start the day because he didn’t have to go to the studio or practice. He went to the bathroom to get ready. He rubbed his eyes as he brushed his teeth and grunted through the foam in his mouth as a crusty eyebooger scratched his eyeball. He contemplated washing his face but figured he could go another day without. And did the same regarding showering, but decided he definitely needed one after smelling is armpit. Rapmon rushed through his shower and didn’t have time to dry his back or in between his butt because he was too excited. He didn’t even moisturize.

It was time to pick his outfit, his favorite part of getting ready! He thought about doing something different today, but decided to go with his signature Rap Monster Look™. He put on a wrinkled white tee, tucked into capri slacks, and loafers (no socks). He looked in the mirror and ran his fingers through his blonde hair. He gazed at his black struggle roots - Rapmon needed a hat. “Bucket or fedora?” After a minute of serious thinking he went with the fedora. He looked in the mirror again. “Something’s missing..ah yes, my fanny pack.” He put on his fanny pack and looked in the mirror again. “Yasss!” he thought, “I look good!” Why was he lying to himself?

He left without waking the rest of the members, but passed J-Hope in the kitchen who wakes up everyday at 5am to drink several cups of coffee. “Rapmon, need some chapstick?” Rapmon declined. He wanted to get an early start and he was already late.

Taking walks was Rapmon’s favorite thing to do. As soon as he walked outside, the breeze hit his exposed arms and ashy ankles. “Ahhh” he breathed. The weather was perfect. He walked down the street for about 10 minutes before pulling out his phone and earbuds from his fanny pack. He hit shuffle and “THere He Go” by ScHoolboy Q came on. Rapmon walked down the street to the beat of the song and imagined he was in a music video.

I'm shining hard, they be like, "There he go!”
No bodyguard, they be like, "There he go!”
Up in your broad, they be li"There he go!”
They be like, "There he go! Rapmon, there he go!”

Rapmon was sad for a minute as he thought “Why can’t I write rhymes like this?” He also regreted not choosing the bucket hat. But didn’t want to think about his failures on this perfect day, so he continued listening to his music as he walked.

An hour into his walk he passed the girl of his dreams. She was wearing a white dress with off white chuck taylor Converse shoes - his favorite shoes on women. Her skin was pale as printing paper. He reminded her of a tall bag of milk. You know the milk they gave you in elementary school that tasted watery and almost expired? He imagined sticking a straw in the bag and could taste the slightly spoiled milk. Unfortunately, by the time he snapped back to reality she was gone. He smiled though, because he knew if it was fate, God would bring him and his bagged milk back together again.

Rapmon walked some more and remembered he hadn’t tweeted today. He decided to share with followers what he was listening to, because he thought they cared.

"This is a song that really gives me a feeling of "swag".

He hit tweet as he walked by a pet store. He saw a lizard in the window! He wanted it because it reminded him of himself. He purchased the lizard without hesitation and named it Lil’Mon - short for Lil Monster.

It was getting late so Rapmon headed home. A block away he realized he wasn’t ready to go back to his chaotic dorm. The day went by so fast but he had fun. Walking down the street he hummed “Happy” by Pharrell. He felt as though he himself was New Black. As he was about to enter the dorm, Rapmon smiled so hard that his lip split. He didn’t care though. He licked his lip and thought “Today was a good day."
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